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Terms & Conditions

This User Agreement ("Agreement") is a contract between you and CRYPTO Profit and applies to your use of the CRYPTO Profit services available through (collectively the "Service"). If you do not agree to be bound to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, do not use or access the services provided. Each of the terms, conditions and policies of this agreement may be changed from time to time and are effective immediately after the changes are published on the CRYPTO Profit website.

This web-site is owned and controlled by the GetCrypto LP (Scotland, UK) - the Partnership, registered under the United Kingdom jurisdiction (referred to as "us", "our" or "we"). These terms and conditions of use (referred to as "these terms") govern the access and use of our web-site by every site visitor (referred to as "you" or your").

Application of these Terms
By using or accessing our web-site you agree to be legally bound by the following terms and conditions. If you do not agree to these terms you must not use our web-site. We reserve the right at any time without notice to revise the content of our web-site and/or these terms by posting any changes on our web-site. The revised terms will be effective immediately upon posting and by continuing to use our web-site you will signify that you agree to be bound by the revised terms.

General Terms
Types of Accounts: Trial (after free registration) and Investment (after first deposit).
Number of accounts: one for Trial Members and up to 20 for Advanced Members.
All accounts activated right after first login.
Signup bonus: US$ 35.00 (free).

Investment Contracts:

- USD Investment Contract
Base currency: USD (US Dollar)
25% daily for 20 calendar days - total ROI 500%
Minimum deposit: US$ 5.00
Maximum deposit: US$ 1,000.00

- XRP Investment Contract
Base currency: XRP (Ripple)
50% daily for 20 calendar days - total ROI 1,000%
Minimum deposit: XRP 300.00
Maximum deposit: XRP 5,000.00

- BTC Investment Contract
Base currency: BTC (Bitcoin)
500% daily for 20 calendar days - total ROI 10,000%
Minimum deposit: BTC 0.1000
Maximum deposit: BTC 2.0000

- ETH Investment Contract
Base currency: ETH (Ethereum)
2,500% daily for 20 calendar days - total ROI 50,000%
Minimum deposit: ETH 5.00
Maximum deposit: ETH 100.00

Investor will got profit in base contract currency instantly to account every 24 hours. All deposits are refundable and will be paid back after contract expiration.

Referral earnings
$3.50 for every referral and 35% from all referral deposits - for Trial and Advanced Accounts

Acceptable payment methods
Acceptable payment methods: PerfectMoney, Payeer and cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), BitcoinCash (BCH), Ripple (XRP), Dashcoin (DASH), Zcash (ZEC), EthereumClassic (ETC), Litecoin (LTC), Monero (XMR), Dogecoin (DOGE), Bytecoin (BCN).
Deposits in cryptocurrencies will be added to your account after confirmation and will be converted in your Base Contract Currency on the current exchange raterate on the date/time of payment.
If you want to use your Credit/Debit Card or Bank Wire for deposit funds, please contact us and we will give you full instructions.

Withdrawal requests
1. Members can withdraw funds if the type of Account is 'Advanced' and the Account balance is at least $1 (or equivalent).
2. Members can deposit funds via one payment processor (cryptocurrency) and request payment to another payment processor (cryptocurrency), but this may be the subject of applying the special floating exchange fees.
3. The withdrawal requests can be placed:
- during every Monday-Friday for USD Investment Contract;
- during every Monday-Friday for XRP Investment Contract;
- during every Monday-Sunday for BTC Investment Contract;
- during every Monday-Sunday for ETH Investment Contract.
4. The first withdrawal request can be placed on the next condition:
- after 20 calendar days from the date of the first deposit for USD Investment Contract;
- after 10 calendar days from the date of the first deposit for XRP Investment Contract;
- after 5 calendar days from the date of the first deposit for BTC Investment Contract;
- after 1 calendar day (24 hours) from the date (time) of the first deposit for ETH Investment Contract.
5. The date of your first withdrawal will be detected instantly based on the amount of your first deposit.
6. Requested funds are usually available during 3 business days.
7. If you withdraw funds in USD to your cryptocurrency address, you will get it in selected cryptocurrency on the current exchange rate on the date/time of requesting payment.

Other Terms
You agree to be of a legal age in your country to take part in this program, and in all the cases your minimal age must be 18 years.

CRYPTO Profit is not available to the general public and is opened only to the qualified members of CRYPTO Profit; the use of this site is restricted to our members and to individuals personally invited by them. Every deposit is considered to be a private transaction between the CRYPTO Profit and its Member.

Any dispute arising from your failure to understand the terms of our program will result in a permanent termination of your membership without refunding. Your participation is at your own risk. We will not be responsible for any external factors beyond our control, for example, payment processor downtime, service provider downtime, technical maintains etc.
We guarantee a 30-day money back, if you will not be satisfied with our service.

You agree to adhere to all the principals and members harmless of any liability. You invest at your own risk and you agree that a past performance is not an explicit guarantee for the same future performance. You agree that all information, communications and materials you find on this site are intended to be regarded as an informational and educational matter and not an investment advice.

CRYPTO Profit is not responsible or liable for any damages, losses and costs resulting from any violation of the conditions and terms and/or use of our website by a member. You guarantee to CRYPTO Profit that you will not use this site in any illegal way and you agree to respect your local, national and international laws.

Anti-spam Policy
We will not tolerate SPAM or any type of UCE in this program. SPAM violators will be immediately and permanently removed from the program.

Reserving Rights
We reserve the right to change the rules, commissions and rates of the program at any time and at our sole discretion without notice, especially in order to respect the integrity and security of the members' interests. You agree that it is your sole responsibility to review the current terms. Moreover, we reserve the right to accept or decline any member for membership without explanation.